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nottingham_peggersPeggers Inn was originally called The Fox and Grapes and known locally as Pretty Windows.

It stands on Southwell Street on the edge of the old Sneinton wholesale fruit and veg market and was permitted to open early to cater for the market workers who finished work in the early hours of the morning.

In 1963 it was the scene of a gruesome murder when the landlord, George Wilson, was stabbed 13 times. The crime remains unsolved despite the investigation being, at the time, Nottingham’s largest police operation and even the involvement of Scotland Yard.

George Wilson, 41, was knifed 14 TIMES outside his pub while out innocently walking his dog in the early hours of September 8 ,1963.

He had left at 12.15am for his usual stroll with pet mongrel Blackie but 20 minutes later wife Alberta was disturbed by the sound of the dog scratching at the door covered in his master’s blood.

Alberta then stepped outside and spotted her husband’s lifeless corpse in a pool of blood in an alleyway just yards from the front door of the Fox and Grapes pub, in Nottingham.
Post mortem tests revealed the popular landlord had been repeatedly stabbed in the base of the skull, face and back.

The murder weapon – a six inch bowie knife – was found by two young boys nine days later in a ditch and traces of George’s blood were found on the sheath and the blade which was bent at the tip.

However, his killer has never been caught to this day.

Five decades on Nottinghamshire Police have reopened their investigation into the slaying – which became known as the “Pretty Windows Murder” due to the pattern on the windows of the boozer.

Two months prior to his death he had received an anonymous death threat but police could find no one with a grudge against him.

Pieces of broken slate from a nearby low roof suggested that the killer had jumped down before the attack.

Five people even confessed to his killing but not one of them could describe the murder weapon or identify the victim from pictures.

One of them was a Dartmoor prisoner who said he got into an argument with George when the landlord made a few jokes at the expense of Nottingham Forest in their game that day with Wolverhampton Wanderers.

One witness described a man running down Longden Street at 12.50am wearing a green Robin Hood style hat, a light-coloured raincoat and appeared to have a knife or chisel in his hand.
But the trail went cold after that discovery despite the biggest manhunt in Nottinghamshire Police’s history.

Peggers Inn closed a few years ago after the wholesale market moved to Meadow Lane.

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